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Content Size Pieces
PICC Drape with Clear Window 120 x 150 cm 1PC
Surgical Gown Standart 1PC
Surgical Cup, 250 ml Standart 2PCS
Gallipot, 120ml Standart 1PC
Non-Woven Swaps, 4ply 10 x 10 cm 1PC
Surgical Mask Standart 5PCS
Hypodermic Needle, 21G, Gree Standart 1PC
Hypodermic Needle 21G 38mm Green Standart 1PC
Syringe, Luer Slip, 10 ml Standart 1PC
Syringe, Luer Slip, 5 ml Standart 1PC
Tegaderm Dressing 10 x 12 cm 1PC
Surgical Face Mask Standart 1PC
Paper Towel 40 x 40 cm 1PC
EASY Needle Holder Standart 1PC
Nitrile Gloves Standart 2PCS
Yellow Waste Bag Standart 1PC
Tray 30x23x5,5 cm 1PC
  • One Set equals one Bag
  • Box size 40 cm X 60 cm X 50 cm